Palo Santo Fruit Essential Oil


The Palo Santo, literally the “Holy Stick”, is a wood whose essence has been used for centuries by a wide variety of peoples: Jivaros, Quechua or Inca attribute shamanic virtues to its perfume.

The essential oil of the fruit of Palo Santo, rather than wood, makes it possible to obtain a more citric, mentholated product, especially its process of obtaining avoids the destruction of forests and maintains the local ecosystems.

Its characteristics make it an important plant for human beings as well as for biodiversity.

Palo Santo Fruit Essential Oil is a mystical essence with great fragrances. On diffuser, it will unfold all the well-being that its scent brings.

Origin : Ecuador’s Amazon

Production method: Wild harvest, traditional process.

Physical and chemical characteristics:
Appearance: Colorless
Aroma: Characteristic of Palo Santo essence, citric, spicy, woody,
slightly mentholated
Solubility: Insoluble in water, soluble in alcohol
pH value: 3.67
Limonene: more than 50%o