Éco-tourisme, au Sri Lanka et en Amazonie


Located at the very entrance of the indigenous area, on the andira river, the village of vinte quilos represents the border and demarcation of the sateré mawé territory with the outside world. This fabulous site, in the heart of the brazilian amazon, was inaugurated on june 16, 2007.

The villages of Parintins and Barreirinha of the Vinte Quilos community can be reached by boat. The name “Vinte Quilos” refers to the weight of the first guarana production sold in fair trade, in 1996.

Obadias Batista Garcia, Coordinator of External Relations and Fair Trade at the C.G.T.S.M (General Council of the Sateré Mawé Indigenous People) explains that it all started with 20kg of Warana*. At the time, selling Warana abroad was a dream. But the courage and confidence of a producer in the indigenous area of the Andira River made this dream come true by providing the first production of 20kg of seeds.

On retrouve à Vinte Quilos 12 hébergements avec des étages en bois, des toits en paille de canara cousue pour passer la nuit dans les hamacs, et un étage inférieur avec 1 ou 2 chambres. Le site peut accueillir des groupes allant jusqu’à 25 personnes.

Pour plus d’informations : www.nusoken.com

La coordination de CGTSM : 0055.

Eco Lanka in Sri Lanka

The world of forest garden products opens its doors to you. Eco lanka is an ecotourism site in the heart of a mountain region in sri lanka. Far from the traditional organized routes, far from mass tourism, in a preserved natural site where biodiversity dominates, eco lanka offers all the necessary comfort for a unique tourist experience.

Eco lanka is a relaxing and magical place, close to nature and local culture. Overlooked by the river, several villages, waterfalls and temples; you will enjoy a lot of different activities. The food is authentic and prepared with fruits and vegetables from our gardens and forests. Our local cook will make you taste traditional Sri Lankan dishes, such as spices or tea from our domain.

A part of the income is donated to Pundaluoya’s Cultural Development Association, an association that works, among other things, in favour of fair trade.

Maussawa Estate – Halpola, Pundaluoya, Sri Lanka

Tel: +94 (0)51 22 33 133 – Email: info@ecolanka.comwww.ecolanka.com