The Sateré Mawé Indigenous People have organized themselves to meet the demand for second-quality Guarana, and to give access to this market to non-Indigenous. Partnerships were therefore created with producers outside the indigenous area, and the know-how of the Sateré Mawé Indians was partially transferred to them.

This Guarana therefore represents the struggle of Indigenous People and other small producers against the multinationals who want to impose their intensive production methods by introducing clones and pesticides into the Amazonian forest. Guarana is therefore not the Warana, native Guarana, the “grand cru” of the highest quality, but still this Guarana from Amazonas is a quality product.


Origin: Brazil, State of Amazonas


Part used: fruit stone


Directions for use : 1 teaspoon per day in a cold drink, before exercise or as a cure for 1 to 3 months.


Format: 50g powder box.