Camu Camu is still unknown of the Occident, but has been used in the Peruvian Amazon for thousands of years. The Camu Camu is a medium sized tree,  it can reach out over three meters, and it produces small orange-red berries. 


The Camu Camu Guayapi comes from wild harvesting, and is traditionally collected by the Shipibos Indigenous People in the Ucayali region of Peru.


Camu Camu, rich in Vitamin C (at least 10g/100g, as fifty times more than an orange), contributes to the normal functions of the immune system. It also reduces fatigue and is an antioxidant as it protects cells from oxidative stress.


Camu Camu is therefore a precious ally to get through the winter period.



The palate is frank, marked by intense acidity, melted in notes of citric fruit (grapefruit). The Camu Camu is particularly interesting to enrich a dish or a desert. Can be used as a natural food colouring to obtain pinkish beige hues.